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Tomb Raider 2: The Secrets and where to find them

This is the Silver DragonThis is the Jade DragonThis is the Gold Dragon
There are three secrets in each level of the game, which are a silver, a jade and a gold dragon statue. They appear in no logical order(some times the gold dragon is the first you find, sometimes the last, sometimes the second)If you find all secrets in a level, you'll be rewarded with either medipacks or ammo(or even with a weapon). There’s no bonus for finding them all in the game though. The secrets are sort by level, so that you can find easily which one you missed. In this mini walkthrough, I explain where a secret can be found and how you can escape(if it's not obvious)from the secret area. I also mention the reward for finding all three secrets in a level. I want to thank Stella, because her walkthroughs helped me write this mini walkthrough

>>Note: This page is under construction, as I am replaying Tomb Raider 2 trying to find all the secrets<<


1..Great Wall:Silver Dragon,Jade Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
2..Venice:Silver Dragon,Gold Dragon,Jade Dragon,Reward
3.Bartoli's Hideout:Silver Dragon,Gold Dragon,Jade Dragon,Reward
4.Opera House:Jade Dragon,Silver Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
5.Offshore Rig:Jade Dragon,Silver Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
6.Diving Area:Silver Dragon,Jade Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
7.40 Fathoms:Silver Dragon,Jade Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
8.Wreck of the Maria Doria:Silver Dragon,Jade Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
9.Living Quarters:Silver Dragon,Gold Dragon,Jade Dragon,Reward
10.The Deck:Silver Dragon,Gold Dragon,Jade Dragon,Reward
11.Tibetan Foothills:Silver Dragon,Jade Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
12.Barkhang Monastery:Jade Dragon,Silver Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
13. Catacombs of the Talion:Silver Dragon,Jade Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
14Ice Palace:Gold Dragon,Silver Dragon,Jade Dragon,Reward
15.Temple of Xian:Gold Dragon,Silver Dragon,Jade Dragon,Reward
16.Floating Islands:Jade Dragon,Silver Dragon,Gold Dragon,Reward
17.Dragons Lair:None
18Home Sweet Home:None

Secret Locations

Great Wall
Silver Dragon: After you've killed the tiger, climb the blocks and jump as needed to reach the first Great Wall Tower building. Before you get there, take a short detour from one of the ledges and pick up the silver dragon. Then, a second tiger will appear.
Jade Dragon:Run over the breakaway floors and avoid the swinging blades, turn left, turn right. You must be very quick to manage to grab the Jade Dragon, before the spikes make Lara history.
Gold Dragon:Do not take the zip line, after you've got past the rolling blades. Step over the edge to the right of the zip line to the block below. Jump to catch the ledge and move to the right. Go down the corridor to the vertical shaft. Climb down. Follow the corridor to the next room. You'll meet a pleasant T-Rex here, which you can finish off by firing and jumping around or by finding a safe spot to shoot him from. Turn right and run all the way to the narrow passage at the end. From there you can shoot the T-Rex safely, because he can't reach you there-he's too big. Pick up the Gold Dragon and another T-Rex will emerge. After you've finished him off, climb up the other ladder and take the zip line.
Reward: If you've got all three secrets, you'll also receive a bonus of a small med-pack, 3 pairs of grenades and the GRENADE LAUNCHER.

Silver Dragon:Open the door near the chain link. Get on the boat and pass through the door. On the right near the entrance is a passage which contains the Silver Dragon.
Gold Dragon: After you've got past the waterfall, get off your boat and dive into the water. Swim around the place and light up a flare .The Gold Dragon can be seen and picked up there.
Jade Dragon:Go to the place where the switch that opens the timed door can be found. Across the way is a long wooden ramp leading up to a glassed-in walkway. Get on your boat, go past the ramp and when you are approaching the walkway, make Lara jump out of the boat (press left+Jump). If your timing is correct, Lara will land on the walkway, where you can grab the Jade Dragon. As for the boat, it will end up in the water again.
Reward: If you've got all secrets, you'll receive 4 extra sets of automatic pistol clips.

Bartoli's Hideout
Silver Dragon:Remember the place with the stairs where you were attacked by two dobermans and then a thug appeared? Search carefully -there is a well-hidden switch on the wall, which will open a door near the stairs that leads to an outside balcony. Take care of the baddies and retrieve the Silver Dragon there.
Gold Dragon: Dive into the water pit near the entrance of the library and pull the underwater lever. Then, take a deep breath and dive into the water. Light up a flare and explore the area, until you find the Gold Dragon. There is a lever there which you can use to open a trapdoor above to get air.
Jade Dragon:In the garden outside of the library is a door that opens automatically as you approach. There is a shallow canal there You can find a place to pull up if you search the corners carefully. Pull up ,kill the rat, then climb up onto the brick ledge. Pass by the detonator for now and climb onto the garden wall. Follow it to the end, climb up to the roof, shoot out one of the windows and enter the room beyond to take the Jade Dragon.
Reward: If you've got all secrets, you'll receive 4 extra boxes of shotgun shells.

Opera House
Jade Dragon:Take the ORNATE KEY. Climb to the uppermost brick ledge. Stand facing the fan below. Side jump onto the sloped surface, jump forward, grab the ledge in front of you and pull up. Kill the rat before proceeding along the duct. When you come to an intersection, take a running jump across the sloped duct. Lara's head will bump the ceiling and she'll land safely in front of the moving fan. Backflip from the edge without pressing action to land in front of the fan above. Do that once again. Before continuing down the passage, turn around and take a standing jump to grab the edge of the dark alcove above. Pull up and walk carefully toward the next fan to retrieve the Jade Dragon. From the edge of this passageway, take a standing jump down, pressing Action, to land on the ledge below. Continue to a small room with a movable crate. Pull it once. Flip the switch behind it to open a door back into the dressing room. Now pull the box once away from the wall, and push it through the opening into the dressing room until it's up against the low step. Climb up to the window ledge where you'll find another crate. Shoot out the windows. Push the second crate through the broken window on top of the other crate. Now you can climb up the stacked crates to the room above. Kill the guard with the club who's waiting for you up there. Follow the hallway back to the tiered ledges above the small pool. Take a standing jump to grab the ledge above, pull up and continue back to the auditorium.
Silver Dragon:This secret is hidden in the underwater area below the stage of the opera .After you've got here, enter the opening on your left and then turn left again. Flip the switch on the wall, but don't leave yet. On the opposite side of the room, just under the water, is a small opening that leads to the Silver Dragon.
Gold Dragon: Send the elevator down by pressing a switch and jump to diagonally to grab the ladder on the right side of the elevator shaft. Climb up the ladder and carefully walk over the glassed shards to take the Gold Dragon. Pull the switch at the alcove nearby and walk to the exit.
Reward: If you've got all secrets, you 'll receive 4 extra sets of Uzi clips.

Offshore Rig
Jade Dragon:The secret is in the underwater room with the fan. There is a lever there-approach it carefully and pull it. This will open a door at the other side of the fan. Go there, holding down the right direction key, to manage to get into the opening without getting killed. Swim until you can reach the surface. There is an underwater lever in this room. Pull it and this will open a door near the fan. Go and get the Jade Dragon and then continue to the room with the second lever.
Silver Dragon:After you've killed a guy who dropped a Red Pass Card, you'll find a ladder on the left. Climb up and find the Silver Dragon.
Gold Dragon:This secret is in the water room with the Green Pass Card. You have to dive into the water, finish off the scuba divers and climb up the footing where the Gold Dragon is. However, I must warn you that two baddies will attack you.
Reward: If you've got all secrets, you 'll receive the Uzis and 2 extra sets of Uzi clips.

Diving Area
Silver Dragon:At the beginning of the level, there is a part where you slide. In the middle of the sliding platform is a pit that contains the Silver Dragon. Be careful to start sliding from the middle of the platform to be able to access the secret.
Jade Dragon:Remember the room from where, if you dive in the water you get to a room with high ledges? Well, in this room, you can see some machines. If you approach one of them, you'll discover that it is actually a secret door that opens. Pull the lever inside and dive into the water to find the Jade Dragon in a small trapdoor that has just opened.
Gold Dragon:This secret is very easy to find. At the end of the level, don't approach the monk. Instead, go first in the room nearby and retrieve the Gold Dragon.
Reward: If you've got all secrets, you'll receive ? .

>>Page is under Construction<<

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